For Aunt Kathy and others…

I was wondering how you are; like; how’s your health-do you still have seizures, did your medication have to change since you’ve had the baby, are you getting enough rest, you know, things like that.  Were you able to get Nila started with her immunizations?  Does she have her passport yet? How much does she weigh now?  She looks like she’s over 6 1/2 lbs now.  Starting to get heavy yet?  Any naps that last longer than 3 hours?  Does she prefer any particular way of being held?  Does she respond to male voices differently than Robert’s? Is she holding her head up for short periods of time?  Just every day things.

My Aunt Kathy sent me an email the other day and I thought I’d respond here because other people might have the same questions.

I’m feeling really well. When I was pregnant and having seizures, the doctors increased my medicine and since then (late July), I haven’t had any seizures. It’s a pretty high dose of my type of medicine, and since the doctors think that the only reason I started having seizures again during my pregnancy in the first place was because of the hormonal increase late in pregnancy…they’re hopeful that I can continue seizure free at this point.

I’m getting a good amount of rest. I breastfeed, and Nila feeds pretty regularly on her own right now during the evening hours at 8PM, 11PM, 1:30/2AM, 4:30/5AM, and 7AM. Until about two weeks ago, she took a long time ago to go back to sleep afterwards, but now she goes right back to sleep.

She will have her first immunizations when we get back to Ohio next week. Then, she’ll have her four month in Iraq, and her six month, too. We have checked with one of our former team members (a nurse) who served in our city, teaching in the neonatal hospitals, and she said that they do in fact do immunizations like we do and that it won’t be a problem to have them done there.

And, we’re happy to report that Nila’s passport DID arrive last week! Yeah! Maybe I’ll be able to post some of the errant passport photos here when we get back to Columbus. They’re pretty fantastic. I don’t know exactly how much she weighs right now. She was 6 pounds when left Ohio, and she wasn’t scheduled for her next doctor’s appointment (her two month) until Nov. 2, so we’ll see. She FEELS like she weighs a ton, but I suspect that she only weighs about 7 pounds, maybe 7 and a half. She doesn’t like to be on her stomach much, but since she sleeps ON my stomach right now, and gets held on our chest during the day…she gets plenty of tummy time and can hold her head up pretty well.

I think she’s pretty fantastic.

3 thoughts on “For Aunt Kathy and others…

  1. Go Aunt Kathy! It’s always nice to hear the details that no one really thinks of telling. I am always looking for stories from Angie, but alas time is of the essence when you try to update one another on the life happenings in the five minute phone call right before Nila is crying in the background for her cafeteria to open or when I wake them up early because I always forget the time difference thing.

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