10.22 | I hope a third thing doesn’t happen…

An earthquake the first day. A landslide the second week. Yesterday, Robert and I were driving around and on the horizon, over the mountain saw a HUGE plume of smoke, as big as a cloud. Robert said, “WOW. That must be a big fire!” We started to drive towards it and then I said, “NO NO! That’s probably one of those dust and wind storms that has killed people this week! Let’s NOT drive towards that!? Or maybe, MAYBE it’s a volcano! Are there volcanoes in this area of California!?” He agreed that the size of the cloud was more in line with being a dust storm than a fire and so we didn’t drive towards it. BUT, as we continued driving, it seemed to be getting closer and bigger, so we thought that we had better call someone from the area to find out what this beast of a cloud thing was and if we should be concerned about it. We called Norma and said, “Hey! This cloud is following us! What is it?” She said, “Oh. That. That’s a huge forest fire near the border of Mexico, and there’s another one in east San Diego. You should keep your radio on and listen for alerts, because the Santa Ana winds are quite strong right now and can push these fires this way.” The fires are both about an hour away from here to the east, and the winds are pushing them this way, BUT…seriously, they won’t get here. However, it’s kind of crazy to think that in the time that we’ve been here all this madness has happened!

Kind of cool if you ask me!


2 thoughts on “10.22 | I hope a third thing doesn’t happen…

  1. Wow imagine what could happen if you stayed longer. As much as I love the Santa Ana winds, i hate the fire dangers that come with them. There is a fire near my sisters house. It’s almost as if all of So Cal is a blaze. Just like in 2003 😦

    Stay safe.

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