10.10 | Now Appearing Every Tuesday

Last night Robert and I at dinner on the patio of a restaurant called Rubio’s. He had fish tacos and I had nachos (which were by far the best nachos I’ve ever had). About ten minutes into our meal I had the feeling that our happy family was being watched. I turned towards the glass window of the restaurant to see a table of four Golden Girl’s and a Bill Cosby wannabe’s staring at us. They were oogling Nila mostly. She was in her car seat facing the window. After a few minutes though, Robert slung her on across my chest and the ladies practically broke the glass with their ooh’s and ahh’s (as if they’d never seen a slung baby before). Then, when I slipped Nila out of the bottom of the sling in order to feed her, they laughed and laughed! (Imagine a saugage being squeezed out of its casing). When we finished our meal and were walking past the window near their table, they motioned us over and mimed a few questions like, “How old is she? How much does weigh? Are you healthy? What is her name?” And so on… all the while laughing making faces at her. Then, as though we were carrying some sort of beauty queen on tour they said, “Bring her back for us?! Next Tuesday, same time!?” I think they were serious. We’re totally going to though. The nachos were really good and the fish tacos were $1 on Tuesdays! They’ll get a huge kick out of it, don’t you think?

So there you have it. The Nila Meeker World Tour begins – Rubio’s in El Cajon, 6PM. She’ll be signing autographs and taking photos! We’ll post pictures here for everyone to see!


7 thoughts on “10.10 | Now Appearing Every Tuesday

  1. Oh I’m feeling well and she seems fine (at least – she seems as much a “baby” as she ever has!) Her next doctor appointment is Nov. 2 so we’ll see how much she weighs then.

  2. ooh- so you went with the sling action? which one did you get? sounds like it’s working well? watch out those ladies may bring cameras next time! i’ll be seeing you guys next week- Tuesday and Wednesday. I can’t wait!

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