10.07 | big girls don’t cry.

I missed my brother’s birthday yesterday. I didn’t even realize the date until this morning – and by that, I don’t mean that I didn’t realize it was his birthday yesterday, but I mean I didn’t even know it was close to Oct. 6th until this morning. I’ll need to shoot him an email or call as soon as I can. Happy 30th bro.

Devan, my phone is working again so I JUST got your voicemail. Happy Vibin’ to you and reunion03.jpgreunion03.jpgyours! Awesome!

Right now I’m sitting at Panera. You might wonder how I’m using both hands to type? It’s not because Nila is resting peacefully in her carseat. She thinks that her carseat is possessed and screams like a banchee so as to warn us about that most times that she is in it. I think it’s because she just doesn’t fit it properly yet. Anway, I just figured out a way to tuck a blanket under my hips and nestle her sleeping body around my chest while I’m sitting here typing (like a snugli sort of). Pretty snazzy, I’d say.reunion03.jpg


3 thoughts on “10.07 | big girls don’t cry.

  1. yes girl! get yourself a sling and all your problems will be solved….well ok that’s not true. but it will make things a bit easier and i’m sure you could use some “easy” right about now- right? my sister swears by them with all 3 of her kids. slings are better than baby bjorn’s or other “carrier” type things with straps and such- easier on your back and comfier for the baby. just look at mothers around the world-like in Africa and Asia- and you’ll also be convinced that wearing your baby is the way to go! Look at how those ladies just strap their kid on and work in the rice paddies or haul water to their hut. it’s natural.
    hope it helps-

  2. So I was flying in an airplane through a thunderstorm from CT to IN and I thought of you. You would have totally have loved to see a storm from that angle and even though I was scared and teary eyed I found joy and amusement in watching God’s light show. Just thought you should know.

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