10.05 | Quick flash in a hurry

Nila has been wiggin out all morning. Strange too because the past week she’s been really good in the mornings and pretty good at night.

[inserted as I was writing this post – which was inadvertedly cut short…UM??? At what age should babies be able to roll over? Because Nila totally just did. I watched her.]

SO, while I WANT to write everyone an individual email, I just don’t have time. I JUST got her put down for the time today and I have work to do. So here goes.

Mom – hi! I love you! I wish I had something fantastic to tell you but I haven’t done much more than what I’ve posted here yet but take care of Nila! haha… so you write me more and tell me what’s going on in your world. Cool?

Aunt Kathy – I saw that Uncle Ronnie’s surgery went well! Yay!

Brandi – contrary to your friend’s advice on myspace, I don’t think you should run around naked in the apartment. You never know when the maintenance guys will pop in. And hey – have we gotten any good mail? I’ll bet we have…

Cristi – have you fallen off the face off the earth or what?! WTHeck? How was your time with your sista? Send or post pictures or something girl.

Devan – Updates, updates, please. Did you see about the earthquake AND a landslide!? Oh, and I’m going to write you soon about the project we’re going to do in Iraq. It’s super cool now. I didn’t used to understand it, but now I do. It came to me last night…”Because Culture IS Relief…” I’ll tell you more soon.

Tammy – How’s it going? Are you holding down the fort?


3 thoughts on “10.05 | Quick flash in a hurry

  1. I am currently in Connecticut hanging out with Justice’s new baby. Her and her husband went out on a much needed date while me and the tike bond.

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