10.02 | The Baby Whisperer

Tonight Bob and I went to visit the family we stayed with last year at training here in California. The Kurdish grandmother of the family, let’s call her Sandy…she’s probably 80 years old or at least she seems like it. Last year when we were here she asked us to move back when Robert finished in Iraq and to please bring the baby back once she was born, so we figured she’d be really happy to meet Nila. She LOVES babies and said she was very good with babies. She has 10 children of her own and even had two miscarriages to boot. So like I said, tonight we packed up Baby Nila and set out to see their family.

Nila had been crying for a few minutes before we left (by a few minutes, I mean on and off for an hour). But, we figured we’d risk it and go ahead anyway hoping that maybe the carride would put her to sleep. When we got there she was still crying on and off, but we went ahead and went to the door. Sandy was so happy to see Nila – she started speaking baby talk to her right away, saying, “Don’t cry, don’t cry” in Kurdish… and then asked if she could hold her.

Do you know that as soon as Sandy grabbed her, Nila stopped crying? INSTANTLY! Not only did she STOP crying, she went limp. And when Sandy put her over her knee to burp her (a move we do often to no avail), Nila acted like she’d been waiting her entire life for someone to do JUST that! It was the strangest thing! It was as if Sandy had put a spell on Nila or hypnotized her. The moment Bob or I touched her again – back to crying; give her back to Sandy – quiet again. Sandy offered us a new contract in addition to the one from last year (where she took out a hit on us if we didn’t back to California)…She said “a new contract! You give me your baby and I will raise her while she is growing big and big and you come back and get her when she is grown.” I told her I didn’t think we could do that but thank you anyway!


One thought on “10.02 | The Baby Whisperer

  1. okay, that is hilarious. i’m glad that nila likes sandy and wasn’t afraid of the family! she’s obviously a kurd at heart :).
    i love it!!
    how are you doing? glad to hear you’re not locked in a room with no outside contacts!
    miss you guys!

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