09.30 | Cal a forn ya

So tired. Nila was AWESOME on the flight here. Some people didn’t even know she was there. But since landing she has prett much cried the whole time – I think she’s realizing that her schedule has been off all day. It was nice to see our training directors again – we’re at our apartment now…and though we don’t have internet here, it seems that there is some internet somewhere I can grab. Bob’s asleep. I wish I was too. I wish he was awake and making a run to Target to get some food. I’m hungry.

Mom – I’m sorry I didn’t return that last email, there just wasn’t time. Yes, you can send mail to the same address as last time, but technically, we’re not living at that address since they got us an apartment.

Devan -I got your voicemail and your email. My phone is goofed up and will be until later this week (wink wink). Oh and guess what. You know that great hand stuff you sent last week? I double bagged it in heavy duty ziplocs and brought it with me thinking, “I don’t want to be without this for a month.” When we got here and started unpacking, I smelled this unusually familiar minty smell. It had unscrewed somehow in the bags and the goo spilled – out of the bags even. Now, it’s mostly just SALT scrub. How sad, huh?

ok. well, just wanted to check in and say hi. to let everyone know we made it. will write more again soon. love ya all!


6 thoughts on “09.30 | Cal a forn ya

  1. That totally sucks Ang, I’m sorry!! I wonder if you can look at the ingredients and figure out what the syrup stuff was and then put in your own version.

    I hope all goes well the next couple of weeks. I’ll talk to you soon.

  2. Enjoy!!!! Eat In N Out burger, del taco, and Pick up stix for me. Say hi to the Pacific ocean too….from me. with love LOL

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