09.17 | Love, Diapers and the Prom


Angie: Robert, Why is our sweet bundle of joy crying again?
Robert: Because she’s a punk. It’s 4AM, that’s what she does.
Angie: Make her stop.
Robert: YOU make her stop. Feed her. She’s hungry.
Angie: I just fed her two minutes ago.
Robert: Well, she’s sucking on her fists again, she must be hungry.
Angie: No seriously, I’ve BEEN feeding her for two hours. She can’t POSSIBLY be hungry. I think she has gas. Let’s rub her tummy.
[Robert and Angie take turns rubbing Nila’s tummy so as to push any gas downwards.]
[Nila obliges by returning the loudest and longest fart noises ever]
[Robert and Angie giggle as if they’ve never heard a fart noise before]
Robert: I call not changing that diaper!

Good times…


One thought on “09.17 | Love, Diapers and the Prom

  1. You mean no one told you that babies are always quiet the first week they come home and then WHAM, you get hit with the personality who is the real boss of the house? You never watched the show “Bringing Home Baby”? Poor, poor things ( I mean, parents, not baby) Three things babies do for sure: poop and cry, poop and not cry; and poop because they feel like it and then they cry because they can. Cute, Huh?

    I saw a baby today that weighed 4 lbs 13 ozs at birth. Made me think about Nila’s size. Did you know I weighed 5 lbs at birth, but don’t worry, I don’t think Nila will grow to be my size.

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