09.05 | When visiting, please bring Oreo Dessert Pizza.

At our breastfeeding class, the teacher advised us to “lay a few groud rules” for the days after giving birth. One of them was that if you’re visiting the baby for the first time, you’re also bringing us a meal or a pack of newborn diapers. We thought it sounded a little greedy! but she said we’d understand once the baby was born and cooking or grocery shopping was the last thing on our minds. I understand now, but it still seems greedy.

Then tonight, I saw a commercial for Domino’s new Oreo Dessert Pizza, and I wished that I had tried for this greedy policy from the start, because maybe Bob and I could be enjoying this new delight even now along with a pizza. I’d show you a picture, but I can’t get it to post, so you’ll have to go to catch a commercial yourself or check out the Domino’s website. *sigh* I do “love me some” Oreos…

In other news, Aimee, otherwise known as WVGurl, had HER baby girl on FRIDAY morning around 5AM…I won’t tell much more of her story; rather I’ll leave it up to her! Congrats to her and hers! Looking forward to hearing more about how Abbie made her entrance into the world!

2 thoughts on “09.05 | When visiting, please bring Oreo Dessert Pizza.

  1. does taking you to the grocery count??? 😉 We’ll have to try the oreo pizza or you could “hint” to Great Grandma Shirley that you’ve been craving her Oreo balls and she’ll bring them when she sees the baby. Just a thought.

  2. Holy cow, does this ever sound good! I’m an Oreo addict. We don’t have TV here at RMH, so I’ve missed out hearing about this completely.

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I think from the pics that she looks like both of you at the same time. And what about that hair! And, was she born on Game Day?

    Thanks for posting about my Abbie. I’m going to try to email you more in just a bit. Which, as I stated in my email/blog update, can be a little tricky with the meds I’m on. 😉

    Can I just say, it sounds like you were made for having babies? Two pushes… wow. You’re amazing. Welcome to Motherhood, Angie. *hugs*

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