08.31 | Skybus – Get your flight on!

For those who aren’t yet aware, Columbus has a new airline, and the fares are just ridiculous. The catch is that they don’t fly to a lot of MAJOR cities around the country. All of their flights fly THROUGH Columbus somehow (which, if you’re not MEANING to fly through Columbus might be an incovenience, but for us, is pretty great). I looked this morning and for some Not-in-Kansas readers, Skybus COULD give you an easy reason to come visit Columbus and Dayton sometime soon (maybe VERY soon – hint, hint)…

Greensboro, NC to Columbus, OH, rountrip (Sept. 8, $50- Sept. 16, $30): Total including taxes……$96.00 (and dates around these date are just as inexpensive)

Now, I’m not saying that Greensboro applies to any particular person, because I don’t KNOW anyone who LIVES in Greensboro. But maybe you know someone who lives CLOSE to Greensboro, NC and might have a reason to come visit soon? Visit family who will be in town soon, visit brothers and sisters and mothers and so on… Who knows. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of Skybus. 😉


3 thoughts on “08.31 | Skybus – Get your flight on!

  1. We may not live in Greensboro, but we certainly are close and I just recently learned of skybus. AMAZING deals, and they fly to CA I do believe……(been a while since I have looked at their site)

    BTW, I work in Greensboro!!!!

  2. Katie – yeah, they do fly to California. Later this year, Robert and I and the baby will need to fly out to San Diego…and the cost for all three of us roundtrip (with the baby having her OWN seat), looks to be less than $600! That’s crazy! Earlier this year, Robert and I flew out there one way on another carrier, and it was over $800… Yeah for Skybus!

  3. Are you considering flying to L.A. and then driving to San Diego>? It’s a good 1.5- 2 hours but not a bad drive. Let me know.

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