08.31 | Nice guy, huh?

OTRgirl has the scoop on this one.

“Mike from Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style is having a give-away. His blog talks about his work, which he does from home, in order to stay at home with his daughter, his trials and tribulations as a young Dad, and the amazing things that happen when you spend so many hours with a baby girl. In his Stay At Home Dad Digital Camera Give-Away, he is giving away a brand new Canon PowerShot SD750, and all you have to do is make a post like this one!”

No seriously, I only posted it that way because that’s the way the Mike, Stay at Home Dad, Geek Style gave an example of “how it could be done correctly…” and he DID give a good description of his blog. Good stuff, I think. He is not only a stay at home dad, he also does web design – and gives web design advice for free! He does a “chip in if you can” set up. Gotta love that. I might hit him up for some advice on a site Bob and I have that is top secret (though not so top secret that some people don’t know about it). It utilizes Drupal or something like that which is just above my head when it comes to helping it LOOK good and maintain functionality.) 

It’s nice to read something from 1) a dad who seems to enjoy his kids, and 2) a dad who seems to enjoy staying home (even though he obviously wanted to find something to DO even while staying at home) and 3) a dad who is into design. I’m totally an amateur at all of that as you know (but NOT a dad, as you know!), so I think that I will enjoy this blog in the days to come. Even today I spent about two hours updating the last remaining website account I still have outstanding…September 15 I hand it over to the church that is going to begin maintaining it themselves. After that, I won’t have any work to do. 😦 Well, paid work. And I’ll be a stay at home MOM who doesn’t have any side gigs at all! Maybe I’ll learn something from Stay at Home Dad, Geek Style about having a side business and being a stay at home parent.

Anyway, Stay at Home Dad, Geek Style. He’s totally making my blogroll.


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