08.31 | Advice to Dad

Creative Type Dad’s Advice To Rookie Dads on the actual birth… The post itself and the comments are pretty funny. I would think these things would be common sense, but then I’m sort of black and white and squemish like that. If there are any men reading here (besides BOB!), I’d be interested to know what you think!? Any advice for Bob?


One thought on “08.31 | Advice to Dad

  1. His advice is funny!!

    Two things I learned being there for my sister’s first labor:

    1. The baby doesn’t come out pink. Until it breathes air, it’s grayish. Both her husband and I had a few seconds of total panic.

    2. The stomach doesn’t go away right away. In the movies the mom looks svelt and sexy as she’s wheeled out to her car on her way home from the hospital. The reality was more like a deflated muscle balloon. That totally freaked me out.

    I took a ton of pictures. Until the birth, I was the loyal leg and back supporter, ice chip feeder, and forehead wiper. After the baby came out, I snapped a ton of pics. If there’s an ‘extra’ person there (besides you and Bob), that should be their job. It’s wonderful to have the photos to look at later.

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