08.29 | The UPS Man Cometh

The UPS man just dropped off a package for Robert. He didn’t even ask me to sign for it. He just thrust it through the door and said, “Is this right?” I looked at the package and said, “Yes,” and he said, “Ok,” and then he left. I set it on the table in the kitchen. What if it’s a bomb? Seems sort of suspect to me. I’d tell you who the package is from (because that adds to the intrigue of it all), but what if Robert would then have to kill me? You never know about these sorts of things. [edited later – it wasn’t a bomb. They were books from a medical seminar here in the States for a professor in Iraq who couldn’t get them for the defense of his dissertation because he couldn’t get a visa out of the country to come to the states. That’s not uncommon. So Bob will either take these back with us, or ship them to him, I guess. Whew. That was a close call!]

Yesterday I returned some phone calls to family members I haven’t talked to in a long time. My Granny sent us a cute outfit for the Baby at the baby shower, so I called to say thank you. I haven’t talked to her in a long time, and she seemed really surprised to hear from me (in fact, she went through all of the girl granddaughter’s names before she figured out it was me! I finally just said, “NO. It’s ANGIE!”). It was nice to chat with her for a few minutes. Then I called my dad and Grandpa to try one last time to tell them I’m pregnant. No go. I left a message with my Grandpa and couldn’t get through on the phone number I have for my dad. I will remember always that I have been grafted onto a New Branch, and the benefits of that extend even to extending grace to them both.

Today – I have things to do.
Write LONG overdue thank you notes for the baby shower! Yikes! (finished writing them, just need to address them on Thursday sometime)
Dishes and laundry
Start and finish August newsletter
Put Baby Pickle’s going home clothes in the hospital bag
Start and hopefully finish new supporter letters
Re-read Hebrews 12… (but it’s an ongoing thing)

We’ll see how it goes! I had this same list yesterday and the plan was foiled by a long nap in the afternoon!


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