08.29 | Interrupting today’s scheduled program…

Bob and I took a break from our to do’s today and went swimming. It was fun, to give a rather third grade commentary. Nice to get out of the house, AND since school is back in session, all of the kids were gone from the pool. Now, back to the lists…

And now, this evening…I’m distracted again (in a good way!)…Bob’s brother-in-law Rob (which makes him my second BIL?), brought over some things for Nila Pickle that their kids used when they were little that we’re getting to use now! Yeah! I’m spending a few minutes looking at it and cleaning it one last time (Rob said to give it another good cleaning so I am)… and Bob is upstairs putting together the crib that came from them. There’s a car seat (the kind that has a base with a carrier :-), a baby swing, a playyard, a spinner, a boppy, and a play thing that I don’t know the name of…! Good stuff (both the actual stuff and the GIVING of the stuff…)


3 thoughts on “08.29 | Interrupting today’s scheduled program…

  1. Scott and I went swimming tonight, after hours. We climbed over the fence wall with our dog and had a midnight swim or 10:30p swim. It was cool!!

  2. Angie, I know i”m much older than you and it has been a long time since I used baby stuff, but tell me, what is a “bobby”? I guess I’m not as “with it” as I thought I was.

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