08.20 | Meezer, pt. 2

Yesterday, I posted my Sleepy Meezer. I made a new one today, but I wrote over the old one and can’t figure out how to get it back. Oh well.

Today’s Angie Meeker has a little story behind her. I was getting dressed this morning, and pulled out a shirt that I’ve had since before I was pregnant. I used to call it my “amoeba like pregnancy shirt” because it was sort of flouncy like that, and has a strange print to it. I’ve never REALLY liked this shirt, but I’m glad I have it now because it was one less shirt I had to buy. It’s NOT a maternity shirt though – it just has a strange cut to it like that. So I put it on this morning and it was a pretty snug around the middle and low up top so I asked a half-sleeping Bob, “Is this too tight?” (I don’t do that often, btw).

A half-sleeping, mostly annoyed Bob opened one eye and said, “If you have to ask, it probably is.” Hmmm… good point.


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