08.19/20 | Angie Meeker meet Angie Meezer, pt.1

Bob found a pretty cool thing today, and of course, I wanted to play, too. This animation is short – in the full length version, I actually DO wake up and actually DO something (because in the real life version I wake up, too)! This week Bob and I have gone to a bazillion doctor’s appointments and childbirthing classes. I’m glad we went, and I’m glad they’re over! Today, I experienced a long day of Braxton Hicks contractions and while they weren’t PAINFUL by any means, they were certainly uncomfortable. (That word doesn’t look spelled properly for some reason). Lucky for me, during four hours of them, I was in the middle of a childbirth class which required Bob to practice “partner massage” so that helped a little. They’re gone now, so if you’re reading and you’re one of THOSE people (you know who you are) don’t freak out. I’m fine.

Bob’s a champ, btw. I could go on and on about the reasons why and I’m sure I will one day, but can you imagine being home from Iraq less than a week and having to cart me around to over six doctors’ appointments/classes? (It’s bad enough HAVING the appointments, let alone being the one who has to chauffeur and sit through them)! And your freaking luggage is missing? Not just NOT here! but lost in thin air? I think it’s awful. He says, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got it under control.” But the reality is that there’s no way to HAVE that under control – the luggage is lost! haha. What a mess.

And Brandi – she’s a rockstar, too. School starts next week (teacher days do anyway). So while we’re trying to get everything ready for us, she’s getting all of HER stuff ready for SCHOOL! It’s madness really, but she’s totally doing it. She even helped move a desk upstairs today so we could put the crib up this week. She-ra she is. If we were part of one of those cultures who did this sort of thing, we could give her our first born to say thanks, but then we’d have to have ANOTHER first born to keep ourselves, and you can’t have TWO first borns, you know?! So we’ll have to keep this one and just SAY thanks for now.

OH! Unless by some strange twist we have twins. Then I guess she COULD keep one. I’d have to ask Bob first, but that might be okay. I mean, only if she wanted it. She might just want some cookies. She does like cookies.

I don’t know – we’ll see how things turn out. Until then, I think I’ll join Angie Meezer for a little shut eye…


4 thoughts on “08.19/20 | Angie Meeker meet Angie Meezer, pt.1

  1. I want to play too, but I couldn’t find what he was talking about on the site. I even joined and everything. Help!! I feel I am missing the party. I WANT TO PLAY!!

  2. Thank you for not giving me your first born. Really, what would I do with a baby? I can’t even take care of a plant 🙂 You could take me to BJs though if you want. I can always be bought with food. Food is better than babies!!

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