08.14 | that shrinking feeling – for jimi.

jimi – it’s my fault really. i don’t sleep ALL day – I don’t hibernate. Though three days out of five I do doze off in the late afternoon. But when you were im’ing me in the early morning (or even around 10AM), I WAS still asleep. The doc had just increased my meds, and right after that happens I DO get extra sleepy until I get used to the increase…so I had my AIM on, but set to away. Then, by the time I’d wake up, you’d be gone. So, now it seems that you’re back from Africa, have been to Columbus to collect your things, and are settling into your new digs and gig in NYC?

And I missed the entire thing because I was sleeping? Um…I kind of suck like that. You know it by now though, I suppose. I’ll catch up with you soon, I promise. Just let me take a nap first… 😉

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