08.13 | Captain’s Log

Yesterday (Sunday), Brandi and I went to Grandma Shirley’s (Bob and Brandi’s g’ma’s) to wish Tammy (their mom) a Happy 50th birthday. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that Grandma Shirley is the resurrected embodiment of MY late Granma Osborne. I think this every time I see her, but today, she was just ON.

I don’t know HOW this came up exactly, but Granma Shirley apparently is a Snoop Dogg fan. Oh yes. Kid Rock. She had watched the Kid Rock/Hank Williams, Jr. Crossroads and really enjoyed Kid Rock…and somehow Kid Rock linked to Snoop Dog (she made the association though, not us).

Huh. Whoda thunk it? She said, “OH! YES!!! I LOVE Snoop! You know why? He’s NASTY! But deep down, I think he’s probably a nice young boy.” She seemed rather knowledgable about this “nice young boy” Snoop Dogg,…and thought it would just be fantastic if Snoop would come visit – even have dinner sometime.

Oh man. When she said, “You know why I like him? Cause he’s NASTY.” I thought I was going to DIE! There was just something in her tone, in her voice, in the way she laughed – it was as if my own grandmother was sitting next to me…getting all riled about something she’d seen on tv. I wonder sometimes if these two women had met once or were friends – their mannerisms are that much alike (not to mention their food!). I think they even smoke the same brand of cigarettes.

And, Bob’s Granpa – can anyone tell why exactly he’s taken to calling me Pudgebutt? My own Granpa Osborne calls me Butterball. The two names seem strangely the same, but PUDGEBUTT? I think I’ll have to talk to Bob about this when he gets home.


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