08.08 | Bad boys, Bad boys…

I was walking to get the mail about an hour ago, and noticed that the neighbors across the green are brewing a gallon pitcher of sweet sun tea on their patio.

(Was it even possible to grab the tea, waddle back to the house, unlock the door, and get into the apartment, all without spilling the tea or getting caught? Or if I did get caught, could I whine my way out of it as a 35 1/2 week pregnant psycho who was acting on pure hormones, even though we all know my sweet tea addiction could have driven this mad behavior even without a baby brewing?)

I kept walking, ignoring the criminal within me. Later, I found this restaurant called Smackies that I’d like to try. Check out the weekend buffet. Yum. AND they have tea.


4 thoughts on “08.08 | Bad boys, Bad boys…

  1. you did the right thing-walking away. Control, Angie, take control. Don’t let this tea thing get the best of you. Jue cin dew et!!

  2. ok-you have sweet tea, I have Target. Yes, I went to Target last night and no…I could not walk past the baby goods. Sooooooo, this halloween sleeper jumped out and screamed, “BOO!!!”, so I had to buy that and then I saw a onesy, that says something sooooo cute, I couldn’t resist. I think there’s a program for both of us.

  3. Ewww, sun tea grows more bacteria than anything. Make it on the stove. It’s seriously the easiest thing on the planet to make.

  4. 🙂 . Really, I know how to make GREAT tea on the stove! I do! I just don’t make it because I’m not supposed to be drinking tea at all right now – both because of the baby and because of my seizures, and making it at home would just give me way too much opportunity to drink TOO much…so when I see any opportunity to snag some out and about, I weigh my options (and sometimes cave).

    As a matter of fact, I didn’t confess this at the time, but later that day, Brandi and I had dinner, and with it we stopped to get drinks on the way home at the store. She bought a Coke. Well, apparently, Coke has a new brand of sweet tea (something “Gold”) and when you bought any Coke product, you got this tea for free. So, I had a bottle of tea that night! It was good at first, but do you know? I didn’t even finish the entire thing? By the time I got to the end, all I wanted was water! And I drink water NON STOP ALL DAY, so you’d think I could enjoy a glass of tea… but NO!!!

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