08.02 | Call 867-5309!

Missed calls today: 14
Missed calls yesterday: 28
Missed called the day before: 32

I know Brandi thinks that SHE is the star of the Meeker family, but it’s obviously ME, given the number of missed calls, wouldn’t you say?

I have figured out that my phone number has been hijacked by a telemarketer. A few days ago at about 8AM, a teenage-sounding girl called and said, “Yo. Ju jus call this number?” I said, “No, who is this?” She said, “WHOS THIS?” I said, “I didn’t call you. You must have…

[Oh. Another call just now.]

…have the wrong number. It wasn’t me. Goodbye.” She didn’t even say hello or introduce herself. How rude. And that was the start of my fame.  Most of the people don’t leave messages. I think they realize once they hear my voicemail that I’m not the evil telemarketer that has been calling them – 20 TIMES A DAY or MORE! Yeah – that’s what one lady today said when she DID leave a not too nice voice mail warning me that “if I called her one more *smurfin* time she was going to going to *smurfin* go off on me.” I called HER back to let her know that it’s not REALLY…

[Another call]

…REALLY me calling, and maybe she could help me understand how these calls are coming in. She said that someone is calling with a phone number that comes up “UNAVAILABLE”, but then either leaves a message with my number as the call back # or if you *69 it, it goes to my number. I told her I was very sorry this was happening to her, but that it’s really not me, thank you for her help explaining, and that perhaps she should put my number on her block list. She said she had. A few others have left nice messages – as if they might like to talk to the telemarketer about whatever their service is? Maybe that’s a cover for “I’d like to rip your *smurfin* head off if you don’t stop calling.*

I called my cell phone company this evening to try to get some help. They offered to change my phone number and said that was all they could do. *sigh* They said that as long as I don’t answer the calls, I won’t be charged or lose minutes for any of these incoming complainers. Great – so I just avoid all calls from the 614 area code indefinitely? Good plan, Sprint. I’ve been looking for a reason to leave you anyway. I also looked up the phone number for the Ohio FCC tonight and called them. 5 minutes 32 seconds into their voicemail prompts, they informed me that their offices were closed and that I should call back tomorrow.

I will.
And I’ll probably have to leave a message in someone’s voicemail box.
Which they’ll probably return after they return from some meeting or lunch.
From a 614 phone number no doubt. You see where that’s going?

Here’s a little 867-5309 for you…

[edited in later this evening: Between 8PM and 10PM this evening, I received five calls/voicemails from people saying that the calls they received were from caller ID’s with my number – but that # was from Florida? I’ve since changed my voicemail to let people in on the game].


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