07.30 | Does this diaper make my butt look big?


Baby, baby everywhere! Here are a few pictures from our baby shower on Sunday! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made it out! We love you all and are so thankful for your gifts and your presence. Baby Girl Meeker will be here before we know it! I’m “34 weeks and change” as the doctor said today – Sept. 8th is just a month away! At my doctor’s appointment today (at the high risk ob/gyn at Ohio State), my doctor took a few minutes to take some measurements and listen to her heartbeat, and then said, “Everything is good! She’s growing well! You know, you wear this pregnancy really well.” And that was it! That took all of 5 minutes. Can I just say – Our baby is going to be cute! (and – the title of this post is what that onesie actually says! Thanks Nikki!)

The rest of the appointment took about an hour and a half. I met with my High Risk Ob/Gyn, the head of the High Risk Ob/Gyn Clinic, and a Neurologist specializing in Pregnancy. I haven’t written about it up to this point, but in the past month (actually, the last three weeks), I’ve had two “big” seizures as we call casually call them. Basically, in the later months of the pregnancy, my seizures have returned with a greater frequency than I’ve had them in a long time…and they’re the same type that I had when I first starting having them (worse). Those kind – I haven’t had in almost two years. SO…my doctors are wanting to quickly get them back under control. The GREAT thing is that the baby is doing 100% well! All systems go! and they’re saying that the risk at this point is if I would hurt myself during a seizure, more so than the damage a seizure itself could cause to me or the baby (that’s really always been the case). So this Wednesday, I have a consultation with a new neurologist at Ohio State, and we’ll see what comes of that. Until then, they’ve increased my medication (again), with hopes that alone will control them for the remainder of the pregnancy. They mentioned today that if it doesn’t, they will consider adding an additional medicine to help (that is safe for the babe!).

So that’s the latest scoop on Angie and Baby Meeker! Like I told someone today – Don’t be worried! Bob and I aren’t living in fear or worry, and we don’t want others to either. Keep praying for us – it seems to be working in that the Baby is doing SO well! and really, I’m having a pregnancy some women would KILL for (minus the complication of the seizures, obviously). I can’t complain, really. God is good in all things and has good things for us. Thanks for being a part of it!


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