07.20 | America’s Next Top Model

So, I might have been a little bored yesterday and entered my sis-in-law Brandi in a contest. I’ve always said that Bob and I have started a modeling company JUST for Brandi… Well, you can see my crazy creation here. Click on the link at the bottom that says Love Your Hair Ad Contest, and then click on “View other entries.” Then… you’ll have to enter her email address in the “Ad search” box  to find her entry (bnmeeker@yahoo.com – she gave me permission to post her email addy, but if you’re a stalker, Meeker Modeling has armed security 24 hours a day, so don’t even think about starting to stalk the superstar that is Brandi, because we go postal on you). Gotta protect the talent.

And Tammy, before you ask, this isn’t a voting thing – Dove just picks their winners. Otherwise you KNOW we’d win it fo’ sho’. OH! And if you look closely on the main “Dove Love Your Hair” page, you might see a glimpse of her somewhere (small little faces cycling around the edges). I guess they use some of the faces there, too. When I went to show Brandi her profile, her face popped up there, and she said, “I THINK THAT’S MY FACE!” and we both laughed and laughed!!

(If you’ve tried to access the Dove site and for whatever reason you can’t access her profile (MAC and AOL users might not be able to view it properly), here is a jpeg of her profile, but it might be a little blurry.

2 thoughts on “07.20 | America’s Next Top Model

  1. Nice Job!! Brandi looks awesome. The add you wrote has a misprint or something. In the second paragraph it says she can be a teach and have great hair. Thought you should know since this is for a contest and all.

    Nice job, really!!!

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