07.19 | Married with Children (I hated that show)


(photo represents mood this evening)
My friend jimi im’ed me the other morning (early in the morning when I was still asleep. He does that alot, I think he either forgets that I am human and sleep, or he counts on the fact that I will wake up to talk or am ALREADY awake talking to Bob). Anyway, I wasn’t awake that morning, so my AOL IM catcher caught the IM, and when I did wake up, I saw the first line of what he intended to talk about. It said something like,

“You do realize that your middle school students from Colorado could very well be married with children by now, right?”

Jimi and I interned together at a church in Montrose, Colorado in the summer of 97. I worked with grades 6-8, he did who knows what with the high schoolers (took them to get tattoos and had crushes on them, for all I can remember).

It’s true, though, what he said about the middle schoolers there. The sixth graders would be graduated from college by now, so certainly, it’s not unrealistic to expect that many of them could be married with children. BUT, I also have students in middle school ministries I’ve worked with SINCE then who are getting married, and high schoolers who are married with kids…so this group of students from Colorado? My…they grow up fast. (insert sarcastic sentimental ooey gooey noise here).

GASP!!!! VANESSA! If you’re reading this, you’ll appreciate this. I just saw a commericial where a husband and wife are lying in bed, apparently sick, because the husband is calling into work sick. Then he hangs up and tells the wife, “OK. Your turn.” She then does the same thing, calls into work sick.

Then flash to a logo’ed screen: THE LION’S DEN: responsible for millions of sick days everywhere.

(insert non-sarcastic barfing noise here). People. I don’t need to see your “sick days” on tv. Seriously. Get a room. And not my living room, please. On that note, I think I’ll go brillo my eyes and go to bed. Good night!

5 thoughts on “07.19 | Married with Children (I hated that show)

  1. On the same note, I’m sure that there are people you graduated from high school with that have children at least 10 years old by now. Let that settle in a moment and you’ll start feeling old.

    I can’t believe that commercial. Wow.

  2. Ok, so i can’t help but defend myself here.
    On the timing of the message –
    1 – You never use away messages
    2 – it was 930 there!
    3 – i am 6 hours ahead of you and only have internet in the office, so schedules don’t mesh…just thought i’d share that revelation for whenever you saw it.

    On the time in Colorado –
    We’ve covered this – no i did not have a crush on any of the high schoolers (though i was thinking about this recently – if you all really thought i did, why didn’t someone say/do something, i mean that woulda just been messed up on my part if i did). And ironically one of the students took me to get my tongue pierced that summer (remember Justin?), not the other way around.

  3. jimi. you’re too fun to mess with. You KNOW I’m playing around because you KNOW we HAVE covered this.


    (i knew this post would bring out a comment).

  4. Actually my internet connection stalled in the middle of my typing that. i don’t know how it went through – came back to finish it and saw that it posted (bizarre!). The final paragraph was going to say something along the lines of “and i know that this post was just to trigger a response, but i’ll go ahead and do it anyway.”

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