07.14 | Careful.

Jason asked some questions today on his blog that ended like this, “…but people show up 10-20 minutes late to worship God, and sit as far back as they can? …but in church if the carpet isn’t clean and the windows aren’t washed we’re afraid people won’t sick around? …but if the church doesn’t provide plenty of parking and warm greeters at the door they’re ofended and won’t come back?” I started to comment on them, but I just don’t know what to say anymore. That only response I could find was “sigh,” and even that I didn’t post.

Then later today, I found this snippet of a message, titled “Careful,” by Alistair Begg, one of my favorite preacher – teachers. For some reason, this snippet is set to a beat?! You can also stream it live here if you’d rather not download it. To me, it speaks to Jason’s post, but more than that, too. Maybe it will say something to you, too.

Oh. And WHY are our neighbors outside right now singing at the top of their lungs? (It’s 1AM). The guys – not the girls, I mean. In some sort of falsetto voice? “Same girl! Same girl!…it’s the same girl!” OH! He just announced that he’s going on American Idol – for singing. I’ll be sure to watch and vote! “Same girl!”


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