07.13 | Shower Me With Your Love

I just wanted to be able to use that lyric somehow, and this was my chance.

I started our registries on Target.com and Babies R Us. You can check them out if you’d like, just search for Meeker, and of course, I’m the one named “Angela” having a baby Sept. 8, with a husband named Robert! AND, we’re also considering HugsDiapers.net a possible option for gift giving. Friends and family can give gift certificate for diapers there, and then we can go online and redeem them for diaper delivery, at a price that’s the same or less than what we’d pay at the store. Neat idea, I think.

Speaking of – I really AM going to have a baby shower (some people have asked). It will be on July 29th, and as far as I know, regular readers of Not in Kansas are getting invites. BUT, I might not have your address! If you’re reading, then I most definitely want you to come – please email me or post a comment saying “YO – make sure I get an invite!” if you want to be sure. My crazy whack sister in laws are putting it together and I’m quite sure it’s not going to be a normal baby shower because of that! Good times!


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