07.05 | Happy 5th.

The pudding was a bad idea. It tasted good enough, but it’s no Jeni’s Ice Cream, and, well, it kind of made me sick.

We did end up going to the fireworks after all – the rain cleared up. It’s obviously too late to tell the entire story tonight, but – let’s just say that fire rained down from heaven. Not as much as July 4th, 05, but we were definitely ducking for cover. Apparently in Asheville, the entire town is allowed to park dangerously close to ringside at the elementary school for the town’s fireworks display, a fact Brandy might not have remembered quite so clearly from her childhood because she seemed scared herself at the finale and started to dodge behind the car next to us when it began, to hide from the impending disaster. (No, no! No help for the prego lady who was screaming “help!” as she was about to be consumed by the flames. Thanks for that, Brandy.) A good time was had by all who survived.

Oh, and speaking of surviving, not only did we survive the town’s OFFICIAL attempt to kill us with fireworks, we survived a drive by, too. As we were leaving the local carnival earlier that evening, we were ambushed with a roadside attack by the local townspeople – a swirley q, or some other type of ACTUAL firework hit the driver side second passenger window of Brandy’s van as we were driving through a neighborhood. Scared the holy h*** out of everyone in the van, and it’s a VERY lucky thing that we had just crawled past the point we had, because otherwise it would have entered the van – Brandy had her window open. That would have been awful!

Well, I am tired. My legs hurt (just the shins, not the backs or anything, and they’re not cramping like some prego ladies’ do). Nila is probably cowered up in the fetal position (more than most babies, I mean) from being SO close to the fireworks tonight and scared out of her little baby mind…I think she might need counseling one day to recover from all the loud noises around the 4th now. So I’m going to set the laptop aside, lay myself down and try to find some sleep (it eluded me almost completely last night).

I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July – my favorite holiday of the year (thanks Devan 😉 ). Until next year!


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