07.05 | Daddy Took The T-Bird Away.

Re: Driver’s License

I received that first letter when I got home from training in late May and had 30 days to turn it in to Dr. F, and back into the BMV. Only the letter came about 2 days after we left for training so basically I was out of time when I got home. So I didn’t send it in to Dr. F, thinking I’d take it with me to my next appt. because I wanted to ask questions about it.  Maybe not the best idea. 

I received another letter today saying my license has been suspended. Practically speaking? Not a big deal because I don’t use it anyway except as ID. But in theory – I don’t want a suspended license because I really do believe that one day I’ll be able to drive again! And when that day comes, I’d like to be able to use my license IMMEDIATELY!

So I called and told them that I had been out of town when the original letter came, and that I had wanted to take it my Dr. to talk about it at my next appt. The man (Mark) said, “Oh okay. Give me just a sec – I’ll give you an extension…and we’ll call you back tomorrow to confirm that. What’s your number? Thanks… Hold please.”

When he came back on I asked to clarify what was the point of having the Dr. complete these papers because Dr. F had told me Ohio didn’t have laws surrounding epilepsy patients driving, but in lieu of safety laws we had worked out that I not drive until I was six months seizure free. He said, “Oh. So you already don’t drive?” I said, “Yeah.” Mark said, “I thought you WERE driving and that’s why you wanted to make sure your license wasn’t suspended. When was your last seizure?” “In May.” “How long have you been not driving?” “Almost two years.”

“OH. Well if your doctor already feels as though you should not drive, I suspect his advice on these forms will reflect that you are not roadworthy, as well, and that you have practically speaking, been without a license already. I am not going to work then to undo this suspension. Please do go ahead and have your doctor complete those forms…” Mark continued, “But know that your license is still GOOD until 2010. And, if your doctor completes the forms with some sort of recommendation other than what I expect he will… then we will send it back to you right away. When he says to us that you are able to drive again, we will reinstate your license immediately. Please know you have not LOST your license. You still have a valid operating license. We’re just holding it for you until you’re safe to operate a vehicle, as recommended by your doctor, not by us. We will go by his advice, not ours.” I tried to tell him that I’m a big girl and am capable of holding my own license, but Mark said that wasn’t really an option. 

So now I have 10 days to mail in my license, and I still need to have Dr. F complete the forms, AND I now have to get a State ID. Hopefully the picture will be good, because I really liked the picture on my DL!


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