07.02 | Drunk Uncle Meets Wiggly Feet.

Some of you know how I feel about the artist known as Drunk Uncle (You might know him as Johnny Cash). He reminds me of what a Drunk Uncle would sound like if he sang! And you know his FAMOUS song Ring of Fire? I don’t so much like it either. Which is too bad, because apparently, I’d LOVE it if Ray Charles did it. He turned it into a whole other song! And, he wiggles a lot. Check it out:

Do you think Ray Charles had Restless Legs Syndrome?


One thought on “07.02 | Drunk Uncle Meets Wiggly Feet.

  1. I’m so not surprised that you don’t like Johnny Cash. Too bad.

    Did you ever get to see the movie, “Ray”? If not, you should. I think he moves and wiggles in part because he feels the beat of the music (watch the video; he stomps out the beat while playing) and in part because he’s strung out on drugs.

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