06.30 | But it’s not even July yet?

Tonight I went to see the Grove City Fireworks Extravaganza with my sister in law Vanessa and her husband Rob, their kids Hannah, Matt, and Sam, my MIL and step MIL Tammy and Christy and Kate and Brandon. Brandon supplied the sparklers and glowsticks, Tammy brought the Cheezits (which Sam just couldn’t get enough of), and the tag team of Rob and Vanessa brought the super powers which allowed Matt to sit all the way through the Fireworks. In fact, “I’m not afraid of anything, not even fireworks,” he now boasts, and says that next year he can protect Nila. Oh, and when Hannah was given the opportunity to pummel Uncle Bob into the ground for missing yet another year’s birthdays and fireworks when he gets home in August (an opportunity given to her by Grandma Tammy) I thought it was nice of her to say, “Well yeah, I could do that. OR, I could just give him lots of hugs and kisses! I miss him SO much!” Oh, AND for those who have been there, you’ll never believe that we got out there in less than 15 minutes! We were back to the house by 11PM. I don’t know what Grove City did differently this year with their traffic flow, but KEEP IT UP!

It’s funny. You would think that Hannah would be the most into Baby Girl Meeker, being that she’s a girl and likes to play with dolls and all. That”s not really true (at least, I don’t think so). It’s Matt, the oldest boy (just turned 4?). Everytime I see him he wants to know what the baby is doing. “When you sit down does she sit down? Can she see the fireworks? Does she like that apple you’re eating? Did you go to the bathroom because she had to go to the bathroom? Is she scared of the fireworks or does she like them? Does she have room to play in there? If I tickle you, can she feel it (and then he does, just to try it!)” All sorts of questions! Hannah of course, has been there and done that with the two younger boys – she knows the drill. But Matt maybe was just on the verge of too young to ask these sorts of questions when Sam was being born. And he’ll come up to me, put his hand on my stomach and say, “Is she moving right now? Is she awake? OH! OH! I felt her kick me!?” (even if she didn’t move a budge. He thinks she did. Sometimes, I’ll move my stomach just for him, but sometimes, he really DOES feel it!). And, if she’s not moving, he thinks she’s sleeping and he’ll tell everyone to be quiet, in a whispering voice. “SHHHH!!! The baby is sleeping! We have to be VERY quiet so she doesn’t wake up!” It’s cute.


One thought on “06.30 | But it’s not even July yet?

  1. These are stories you can tell Nila when she gets older. You’re making memories. That’s what family is for.

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