06.28 | Things I Did Today.

This morning at 3AM, 5AM and again in the mid morning, the power flicked on and off very quickly for no good reason. Perhaps in the early morning hours it was because of a thunderstorm, but in the mid-morning it was sunny. In my bedroom, there is a printer and that printer apparently was on during these times. Do you know what happens to a printer when the power flicks on and off? It restarts, which involves moving its cartridges from one side to the other – a very LOUD process. It woke me up from a very sound sleep both times. And, on all three occassions the internet took a while to come back on for some reason. So what else did I spend my day doing besides being scared by the printer and waiting for the internet to reconnect?

1. I started putting more things away in our bedroom. I still haven’t COMPLETELY unpacked since being home, and I also needed to find a place to put some baby things I’ve recieved since being home. You’d think this would be an easy task, but our room was already full enough, so finding new places for things really means better organizing what’s here. I even had to hang a picture in order to do that. Look at me go.
2. I wrote my dad and grandpa to tell them I’m pregnant and even walked to the mailbox to mail it. I know what you’re thinking. But I’ve called and called and left messages for months to tell them I’ve got “important news” and they haven’t called back. I didn’t want to tell them over the phone – that seemed impersonal. So, I sent pictures of the latest ultrasound. I figured that’s less impersonal than leaving it on voicemail and now they know.
3. I read a chapter and a half of a book called “A Vision of the Possible: Pioneer Church Planting in Teams.” So far it’s good. But so was Tess of the D’ubergeeks in the first few chapters and look how that turned out.
4. I bagged up the trash, but I can’t take it out. They replaced the dumpsters in the time we were away, and now there are no slot on the sides. I can’t lift it all the way above my head as big and heavy as it is. Sis will have to take out at some point. This is part of my reasoning against having a BIG trash can, you know? Smaller more frequent trips to the trash can and you avoid this.
5. I watched Goonies of the Caribbean, Kids Incorporated Videos, and the Punky Brewster episode where she and Henry go shopping. Oh Punky.
6. I finished a newsletter article requested by a church in South Carolina, and sent that off, along with a picture of Bob and I. Funny thing – in the picture I decided to send, Bob is wearing an old tshirt of mine from this church’s softball team. I wonder if anyone will notice.

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