06.25 | When I grow up, I am going to be a mother. (Hannah)

I had the longest doctor’s appointment this morning. It started at 10AM and ended at 1:07PM. YIKES! I figured it would be long, but not that long. This was the first appointment transferring me from my regular OB/GYN clinic to the High-Risk Clinic at OSU. Apparently, that’s a very busy office, and they were running behind today, and didn’t have my files from the other clinic. I got there and when first sent me back to the exam room, I thought things would go quickly because they quickly enough had me pee in the little cup, bring it back and then had all the equipment set out for a full physical exam (pap, blood work, breast exam, etc…). So they had me get totally undressed and into a gown (nice gown actually) and wait for the doc.

And wait. For and hour and a half. When she finally did come in, she explained that SHE was from the High-Risk Department and the nurse previously was from the regular OB/GYN office there, and “didn’t I already have a full workup during this pregancy at the other clinic?” “Yes.” “That’s what I thought. You don’t need to have all this again. They thought you’d NEVER seen a doctor yet. I’m SO sorry about this and that it’s taken so long. We are a small office in the High-Risk department and being that it’s Monday, we’re a little overscheduled. I really am so sorry.”

After going my history (which she actually seemed to know) she said, “Well, we’re happy to be seeing you here, but really it seems like you’re sailing through this pregnancy, which is good. From our end of things it seems like it’s going to be pretty routine care, and that your neurologist is the one who will need to manage your medicine and your seizures just to make sure you’re not continuing to have them.” Then she said, “There is one test we need to do today, and unfortunately it means that you’re going to be here for ANOTHER hour. It’s the blood glucose test. Have you had that before?” I have – in middle school – much longer version than the one I had today. That nasty orange drink – it’s still nasty, mom. Anyway, I passed it with flying colors.

So, to recap – my blood sugar is fine (no gesgtational diabetes); my blood pressure was great (no preeclampsia); my weight is great; baby’s heart beat was strong and she was kicking around even while the doc was measuring my stomach; they didn’t say anything was wrong with my pee either. I will have another appointment in three weeks, and…ANOTHER ultrasound that day too! To think – some women don’t even have one! This will be my fourth!

And, can I just say? My sister-in-laws are nice. Many blessings on them and their lives for all they do for me. All of them.


3 thoughts on “06.25 | When I grow up, I am going to be a mother. (Hannah)

  1. The neat thing about being a high risk pregnancy is that you get to see your little one so much more. We’ve had 4 and our next one is 7/3.

    I’m so glad to hear you’ve got such a wonderful support system!

    Are you guys registered anywhere yet?

    *Belly Rubs*

  2. Technically, we registered at Target and we will also register at Babies R Us…but I haven’t added anything yet. I need to do that soon because the baby shower is on July 21! (I just found out about a week ago). Yikes!

    I’ve been reading and keeping up on your life girl… 😉 Hang in there!

  3. I’ll have to go back and check out Target.com, because I looked but didn’t find you.

    Seems like our pregnancies are going by SO quickly! Maybe when I’m in OH, we can meet somewhere between C-bus and Cincy.

    Thanks to you and your family for keeping tabs on us. We’re hanging in there, taking it a day at a time.

    Love ya!

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