06.17 | Lies, they’re all LIES I tell you!

So I’ve been studying this photo of one of the toilets in Robert’s old house in Iraq (he mentioned it in this post about two weeks past). Did you notice that he failed to mention the biggest, hugest, most centipede-like bug EVER in the upper right hand corner?

It’s true. Look for yourself more closely. Maybe he just didn’t notice the bug in the frame because he was too busy arranging some “color” what with the blue bag and all. But it’s definitely there. They must grow them extra large in the IQ.

Well, yeah. I know. SOME people would say it resembles an electrical wire of sorts. The biggest, hugest, most centipede-like bugs EVER do. It’s NOT an electrical wire. Like I said, I’ve been studying it and I know (emphasis on I). But Robert’s been talking about roaches in the bathrooms and things like that, and I remember him telling a story about worms in the bathroom last year (ONCE. There was ONE day that there were TWO worms in the bathroom)…so it just goes to further prove my point that this is most likely NOT an electrical cord, and IS biggest, hugest, centipede-like bug ever.


4 thoughts on “06.17 | Lies, they’re all LIES I tell you!

  1. Are you talking about that brown thing up in the right hand corner that looks like it turned at the corner of the ceiling. Yikes!

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