06.17 | Angie looks like…

EDITED: I should explain this better because two people now have googled this wrong. Like this: Google “Angie looks like” those exact words to come up with, except with YOUR NAME where mine is…and then look in the actual search results for your funny results. There won’t be a special list that comes up like with some other Google search games like this – you just have to look in the results. It’s fun – try it.   

Google “your name” looks like” and the post the search results from the first page. What fun!

1. Angie looks like trash.
2. I disagree. I think she makes Angela look like a dumbass.
3. Angie looks like someone I know.
4. Angela looks like the sweetest little kitten ever, yet she’s the one we have to read “Teeth Are Not for Biting” to!
5. This is what the name “Angie” looks like in Japanese: “Angie” in Japanese characters.
6. OMG, Angie looks flawless at Oceans 13 premier!


6 thoughts on “06.17 | Angie looks like…

  1. So, I did that and found myself on a chat in the baby name world discussing the likes and dislikes about my name. It’s really good that I have a positive self image because frankly people are mean. Devan apparently is too close to devil for some. It’s way too masculine for others. One person even wrote that they hope they never meet a girl named Devan, because it would be too weird since it’s a boy’s name. Thanks Ang, I really needed that positive thinking to begin my day. I’m gonna go cry!

  2. 1. Aimee Mann Official site includes lyrics, discography, photos, news, and tour dates.

    2. Get Aimee’s biography, exclusive Q&A, photos, video, performance reports and more only at The Apprentice on Yahoo!

    3. Aimee (or Aimée) is a given name and a version of Amy. Both names come from Aimée, which means beloved in French, from Old French amede, from Latin amāta, …

    4. Aimee’s Adventures – Welcome! A personal journey to lose 142 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers.

    5. Aimee is the mother of Nicholas (age 9), Emily (7) and Zachary (3) pictured below. She loves them dearly. She kisses their boo-boos, soothes their hurt …

    6. At that moment Aimee Semple McPherson became the first woman in history to … Certainly Aimee Semple McPherson – or “Sister Aimee” as many called her – was …

  3. haha… no no no, Aimee. Like this: Google, “Aimee looks like” those exact words to come up with:

    1. Aimee looks like a gorgeous doll with her falsies on…
    2. Aimee, looks like he has a briefcase with him – maybe he was off to meet his agent.
    3. Aimee looks like she has a hawk.
    4. Plus, frankly, she looks like she “needs to get lost” in an all-you-can-eat buffet table.
    (I included some from page two and three because they were funny!)
    5. Wow! Aimee looks beautiful! Thanks for the pics!
    6. Miss Aimee looks like a ray of sunshine in her pretty yellow dress!
    7. I thought that was you in the daddy yankee video. i saw it today and thought that looks like aimee and then it was funny.
    8. He looks like the pimp my friend works for-yes you, Aimee!

  4. 1. Brandi is so beautiful. I wonder what she looks like now.
    2. No, I can see and I see that Brandi looks like shiiit. Brandi looks like she could be in the movie Ray with that hair.
    3. Brandi looks like an alien.
    4. Brandi looks like when she first came out.
    5. Sure, Brandi looks like the lettuce lady that will love you long time
    6. Redbird looks like your girl Brandi.

  5. Ha ha! I can’t believe you’re making me do this….

    1. This is what Carrie looks like when she’s scraping snow off her car.
    2. Carrie looks like a mugshot of a convenience store robber.
    3. Carrie looks like a 50’s Italian movie star.
    4. Carrie looks like she’s saying “what a tool!”
    5. Carrie looks like she would be alot of fun.
    6. It doesn’t matter what Carrie looks like now. She was hot then and the pictures don’t age.
    7. Carrie looks like she took an old couch from the 70’s cut it up and wore it

    HA HA!!!

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