06.13 | Human tetris. Kind of.

 So this is about what I’ve been up to, in case you were wondering. I watched Hotel Rwanda the other day. Have you seen it? Yikes.

I got some super cute things in the mail from a friend from college this week (whose name I’m withholding because she seems like the type who doesn’t want the credit!). But – everything is cute – and I particularly like the Butt Paste. haha. It’s just fun to say Butt Paste. Oh. Just realized I didn’t say it was stuff for the baby. It is. It’s not MY Butt Paste. And tomorrow I go to see the perinatologist for the first time since being home, so maybe I’ll have something new to share about Baby Meeker and I when I get home. I have an appt. with my new (but regular) OB/GYN on the 25th, too (before we left for training I was being transferred to the OSU Maternal High Risk Clinic, and today I was scheduled for my first appt. with them. This is different than the OSU High Risk Perinatologist I already see. So now, I’m totally with the OSU High Risk Maternity Dept, which is GOOD, even though I’m kind of on the low end of high risk comparitively speaking).

I also got another interesting thing in the mail, though I wish it were as fun to look at as the Butt Paste and onesies were. It was a letter from the Ohio BMV recieved in May while we were at training, concerning my answer to Question #4 on the application for a license.

(break in the story. I think Robert just tried to call me, but the call didn’t go through completely. It was just noise and then music on the other end. How sad). 

Question #4 is: Are you now or have you been subject to any condition (such as epilepsy) resulting in episodic impairment of consciousness or loss of muscular control? Of course, I answered yes, because…I am. I didn’t think much of it because Ohio is one of 10 states that doesn’t have any laws restricting epileptic patients from driving, AND I asked the woman at the counter if checking yes would somehow revoke or restrict my license and she said no – they just wanted a record of it.

So I get this letter. They want my neurologist to complete a statement about my condition. If I decide not to have him do it, I am to send my license back with this letter, and my driving privileges will be revoked. The statement he completes will ask questions like, “when was the last episode, is the condition controlled with or without medication, is it under complete control, is the patient considered safe to drive, should s/he be required to submit a medical statement at 6 mos., 1 year or 4 years to the BMV…” Considering that I’m already not “medically advised” not to drive on a six month time frame, I’d think that he would choose every six months, but what do I know. The reality is that I ALREADY don’t drive, so practically speaking this isn’t going to change anything, and really I don’t even know what will come from this form being completed. It’s just that before, I was only not driving because it seemed wise and I was being “medically advised” not to drive, sort of like a prescription. Now, it could be turning into something legal, which is something really different.

Yeah. And so Devan is coming for a visit this weekend. We (and by we, I of course mean she) will drive over to Dayton on Friday to see her parents, and then on Saturday we’ll go to Matt and Hannah’s birthday party (Bob’s neice and nephew). It should be fun – everyone involved is fun, so I can’t imagine a reason why not! Until then. Later!


3 thoughts on “06.13 | Human tetris. Kind of.

  1. Haha. Butt Paste. I also like Crack Cream.

    I need to email you soon! We need to compare pregnancy notes. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well.

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