06.13 | Hey Baby! Who are you lookin’ at!?


Baby Meeker and Mom Meeker, Update:
Contrary to the professional medical opinion of some quack OB/GYN in California, Mom Meeker is NOT, by size, three weeks behind her due date. She is EXACTLY where she is supposed to be. Contrary to the opinions of most everyone she knows (well meaning and loving people, of course!), she is not underweight for this stage of her pregnancy. In fact, she’s EXACTLY where she should be and need not worry at all.

Baby Meeker is also EXACTLY where she should be, within a day of her due date by weight and height. 🙂 And, SHE is still a SHE. All of her parts are where they should be and growing the way they should be. She is just as she should be.

During the ultrasound, which was supposed to be just a normal 2D ultrasound, I mentioned that I was going to send these pictures to my husband in Iraq. A few pictures later, the tech flipped the machine to 3D! and started taking rolling the video in 3D! Definitely cool. I wish Bob could have been there for the whole thing. I saw this place the other day that does 3d/4d packages, one of them for just $99 and they send you home with the DVD. I’d be able to send that to Bob for sure! We didn’t get to keep an entire video or anything like that, but she did give us this one picture to take home! Hope you enjoy it babe! And no, contrary to some people’s opinions, that’s not her HAIR up on top of her head… that’s my placenta. The tech said so!


6 thoughts on “06.13 | Hey Baby! Who are you lookin’ at!?

  1. Can’t tell for sure, but I think she has some hair growing already. Get the brush and comb ready, Momma.

  2. Bob said these pictures are creepy. Nice. Goes right along with Brandi saying during the 3D ultrasound that Baby Meeker looked like the Crypt Keeper.

    She can hear you two you know! How would you like someone calling YOU the Crypt Keeper?

    Crypt Keepers.


    (no matter that she kind of DID…because of the way the ultrasound couldn’t catch enough light and she was SO close to the bulb and wouldn’t back up – all we could see was nasal cavity and eye sockets, not too much actual skin and flesh! yikes.)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, Paul said that Hannah’s first ultrasounds (8 or 12 weeks), she looked like an alien.

    Keep in mind that your baby is probably around 2 lbs., which is where she should be, but they don’t really start looking like newborns until much closer to the due date, when they’re actually putting on baby “fat.” Now, she’s just growing in size. When her muscles and bones are ready, she’ll start putting on “fat” (I hate to say it that way [fat], but that’s what one of our ultrasound techs told us).

    Too cool that she’s looking at you! I love these shots. If you have video from the U/S, I know someone who could make a video set to music with it. 🙂

    Oh, and, in my other comment, I was just playing with you about your bump. From my shoes, it was jealousy because I’ve never been “cute” pregnant, and I imagine that you’re rockin’ cute right now.

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