06.06 | Hello. Hello. Is there anybody out there?

3:50AM – I wake up because I have to use the restroom. Upon returning to bed, I see that at some point earlier in the evening, Robert has IMed me. Being that they’re eight hours ahead, I return the IM to see if he’s still around at his office. He is. Good, we can chat for a few minutes, and do – from everything about our June newsletter which is hopefully being sent out today, to puppets and macrame, to if I have a big belly yet (I don’t).
4:01 AM – my last transmission via IM with Robert is not recieved. Perhaps he accidentally hit a button that turned his laptop off. That’s happened before.
4:04 AM – I see that all of the rest of the team is still on, so I figure this is exactly what has happened and IM Will, saying, “WHY is Robert the only one who ever gets kicked off of Skype when we’re talking?” I know that Will will give Robert a hard time for accidentally turning his laptop off.
4:05 AM – Will doesn’t respond. He too has been kicked off. At this point I realize they’ve probably lost power. Oh…life in Iraq. Oh…the life of communicating with people living life in Iraq.
4:06 AM – I decide to stick around for a few minutes to see if their power comes back on.
4:32 AM – As you can see, I’m here and NOT talking to Robert, so…you can figure out the rest.

If you haven’t read it yet, you should check out his latest blogging. They’re excerpts from some of the journals he’s been writing. Good stuff. Well, I think I’ll lie back down at this point. If their power does come back on and they come back on for chatting, I’ll know about it, I guess. If not, I’ll sleep.

4:35 AM: Angie wonders how many people will think she was really asking if there was anybody out there as opposed to referencing a song, and goes to the bathroom one more time before settling back in.

6:18 AM – Am awakened by the need to go to the bathroom, and the end of a strange dream (maybe the one caused the other). At the nearly the same time, I receieve another message from Robert. Turns out, they had to go to the passport office. Oh wait. No they didn’t. I don’t know what happened. He thought that I was offline. Who knows.


4 thoughts on “06.06 | Hello. Hello. Is there anybody out there?

  1. The need to go to the bathroom will get worse as the baby gets bigger. Soon you will know where the bathroom is for every store you visit.

  2. Hey! I have to defend myself again!

    I didn’t “accidentally hit a button that turned his laptop off.” That makes it sound like I pressed the power button by accident; like I didn’t know what the button did.

    I installed a program and, when prompted to restart, I pressed the “yes” button when I meant to press the “later” button. Those are very different mistakes to make.


  3. I can’t even believe that you don’t have a belly yet. Good gravy. I’m a few weeks behind you, if I remember correctly, and am very much showing. But, I’ve heard you do that sooner with subsequent children.

    Ahh… to have been skinny when my child was conceived. 😉

  4. Oh – I definitely look pregnant, Aimee. I don’t mean to imply that! Finally, people are starting to ask me when I’m out and about when I’m due (granted, they’re surprised when I say Sept 8, but still). It’s just that I have only a little bulge in my lower half, and not a big overall bulge. You know – where the belly button sticks out all round for a lot of women? I don’t do that. (though I clearly feel the baby in both my lower and upper abdomen. CLEARLY.). People see me and THINK that the bulge in my upper abdomen is baby – and haha… they come up to me and feel my upper bulge. Unfortnately, mostly that’s the same bulge I had before – it’s just from where I never lost it when I lost weight! haha… Hate to spoil their fun just now…but, it’s not yet baby! Or maybe the chunk left from when I lost weight covers up where the baby really is? Who knows…

    And, people think I haven’t gained enough weight…but, I think maybe I have now at this point – gained like the minimum of what I should have at this point. I eat! It’s hard for me to gain on my medicine (considering I was losing prior to getting pregnant), I’d say it’s good that I’ve managed to gain what I have!

    I’m sure it will be, but not yet. So, if they really want to feel baby groovin’ away, they’d have to fell my lower abdomen. I’ll see this coming week at my doctor’s appt. a clearer picture of where’s she’s at, and I’m sure I’ll report back.

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