05.29 | Flashback 208

I was reading some journaling from last year, and thought someone (don’t know WHO exactly) might find this interesting, or encouraging.

“On Wednesday night at 208, I wrapped up the Global Terrorism series, teaching about the 10/40 window. At the beginning of the message, I was describing the general idea, that the poorest of the poor, the lost-est of the lost, and the majority of the world live there, yet Christians send the least amount of their finances there, and the least # of Christian workers go there (giving stats the whole time I was explaining this.) Immediately after the stats, I said, “Why! Why is that!? Why do they need us the most and that’s where we go the least?!”

One of my Briggs boys (read: unchurched before becoming a Christian) shouted out: BECAUSE THEY’RE SCARED!

I said, “YES!” That’s right!” It was actually my first point in the message, so I was about to just keep going when someone else shouted out, “HEY ANGIE! Where’s your boyfriend? Where did he go? Did he go to the 10/40 Window?”

And I’m not sure I’ve been quite so proud yet to be able to walk to the screen behind me (fighting back a tear or two), and point to the center of the map, and say “YES. HE DID. Right here. That’s where he went.” And then here my students gasp, then shout back, “Wow. Your man must be pretty brave to go there, Angie. Dang – that’s right in the middle!”

And they were dead serious. SO on I went with my message, knowing the whole time that they were connecting him with the message… What an amazing thing… He probably doesn’t even know this is happening – that’s he’s serving as such an example to these students who are years and years behind him in the faith, but because he’s dating their youth pastor, they know him, and he’s an example and encouragement to them to reach out to others. There were five students there this week who told their small group leaders that they’ve believed God wants them to do Christian work overseas after high school, and that after hearing the talk, they think they’d consider the 10/40 Window rather than someplace easier. Amazing – and he has something to do with it (he’s actually had piece in every week of the series, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally). God is good.”

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