05.20 | Ahhh… quiet…

It’s so quiet in our room right now – all I can hear is the click clack of my laptop as I type, the ceiling fan, and Bob snoring ever so lightly (he might not actually be snoring – more breathing deeply. I think we’re both a little stuffy when we sleep here in this house). He must have been tired! He’s been sleeping for about six hours! I thought I was tired when I slept for four!

Training is wrapping up quickly and quietly, though it didn’t start that way. The first day of training here in Houston, a power tranformer blew up about a block from our office and literally, I saw a fireball 20 stories into the sky from where I sat. Bob immediately thought terrorist had attacked Houston; I thought an oil plant had blown up (common fare for H-town), and the rest of our team, I’m not sure they knew WHAT to think! It knocked out power to our area of town for half the day. Funny – we’re going TO Iraq – where bombs go off all the time and the first thing we see here in HOUSTON is a huge FIREBALL!

Oh. I said WE’RE going to Iraq, didn’t I? Technically, that’s true still. But for me, I’m going to go a little later than the rest of the team. Orignally, we had planned for me to go NOW, stay for a month then come back, be home for a few months, have the baby and then go back. Well…I’ve have two seizures while I’ve been at training. One of them a big one (like the kind I had when I first started having them). The baby is fine and so am I, but Bob and I talked about it and think it’s best if I stick close to home and my neurologist and baby doc to figure out what’s going on and why the change. Well, I KNOW why the change probably – because I’m prego and being prego can screw around with seizures! Anyway. So this Friday when everyone else leaves for Iraq…I’ll go home.

😦 Have I ever mentioned how much I DON’T like those big seizures? They hurt.

At least I picked  up some Kurdish along the way, AND our Kurdish family in El Cajon officially adpoted Bob and I. No – seriously – they did. The dad told Bob and I very officially before we left, and had his son explain “how it works in Kurdish culture” that “we are now his son and daughter” and that if we ever need anything, he will give it to us. In fact, “if we ever need a kidney, he will give it to us.” Because that’s how it works. Yea, I don’t want to tell the whole story just yet because we’re writing about it in our next newsletter which will go out this week (then I’ll post it here)… but it’s cool.

Well, I haven’t eaten dinner yet (because I was sleeping!), so I need to go find the refrigerator and scrounge something up. It was nice talking to everyone again.


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