05.04 | Min zor nustim.

I’m on break from our class this afternoon for a few minutes. “Tara,” the former team leader for Bob’s team, is here this afternoon (fresh home from Iraq), to talk with us about her experience there. This is a good way to spend the afternoon. I’m enjoying hearing her talk and answer questions. It’s also interesting to hear WHO on the team has questions of HER and what questions they’re asking.

I found out last week that the Sunday we’re in Houston, Bob and I will be speaking for 10 or 15 minutes at my friend Debbie’s church about our trip, which I think is really exciting. We’ll also get to sneak in a game of Settlers at her house sometime that weekend. AND, though I don’t think I’ve told my mom yet, I *think* that we have the entire weekend off, so MAYBE we’ll get to spend part of the day with her on that Saturday (May 19th). I don’t know that for sure – it’s just a rumor…but maybe!

(this is a picture of the beach where our team had dinner the week before last).



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