04.07 | Heads – California! Tails – Carol

Wait! There is no tails! We’re going to California for training next Friday! Yesterday afternoon we recieved an email from our trainer in El Cajon telling us what we needed to bring to training and what time we needed to arrive! We have SOOO much to do!!!!!! Not the least of which is to buy two ONE WAY plane tickets from here to San Deigo at just the right time next Friday (and dang, I looked just now – they jumped $100 overnight!). (And of course my mind runs to all of my doctor appointment and medicine stuff I need to make sure I have straight, but we pretty much had that straight in March).

Well, right now I have to go take a shower and do the dishes and finish a load of laundry. The monkeys (Scott and Devan) and her dad are coming over for the day, and I’d like to smell clean for them.

Oh yeah, and guess what we did last night? In celebration of the Easter season? We played Spin the Pita after having communion here at the apartment with some friends from our home group. No, it’s not what you think! If the Pita left over from communion landed on you, you had to eat a piece. High times, I tell you, high times. Sorry you missed it.


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