04.05 | Did Someone Say Cookies?

Do you remember those crazy word problems you had in elementary school that sounded like this, “Jon needs 250 cookies for a buffet. He will make oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk and macaroons. He wants 25% of the cookies to be oatmeal raisin, and 15% to be macaroons. How many chocolate chunk cookies must Jon bake?”

I sure do. I hated math (still do). But I’d try! I’d pulled out my wide-ruled notebook paper and resharpen my pencil (the sharpness helped somehow to funnel the answer OUT of the pencil), and muster up all of my Newtonian-esque genius…determined to help ol’ Jon out with his baking dilemma. 10 minutes later – my pencil lead filed to a dull useless bit and the yellow shaft chewed to a mangled nubb, I’d have my answer. Jon is a horrible businessman. Everyone knows that the Girl Scouts make the best macaroons, and Little Debbie makes the best Oatmeal Raisin “thingys” because she stuffs them with creme. He should make ONLY chocolate chunk cookies. 100% chocolate chunk. Using what’s left of my pencil, I’d write that down as my answer and go see if WE had any of Jon’s chocolate chunk cookies.

I still hate math and percentages. The other night, Bob and I were trying to figure out exactly where we stood with our support raising after our recent visit to Toledo. I think the last time I updated Kansas readers, we were under the 10% mark, right? Well, not anymore! Not that it’s all from our trip to Toledo, I just haven’t updated in a while.

We’re at 51% of the 80% which would allow us to go to training (NEXT WEEK). But that’s only for a six month stay in Iraq, not the year we have originally scheduled. Well, technically, we’re at a little more than that (I think 55%), but the organization hasn’t counted $1100 yet that has been pledged, so that’s good. So Bob and I were talking this through the other day and I think he about lost his mind with me.

He was doing all the math with the ACTUAL numbers and percentages, when really all I wanted to know was “How much do we still need to raise and at what timeframe?” He was doing a word problem and all I wanted to know was if there were any chocolate chunk cookies left and if so, when could I have one!? So finally, I grabbed a pen and wrote it out. Bob might make me delete this when he gets home in case this is sensitive info, but here’s what I wrote out, in case you’re one of the curious ones. This isn’t going to include that $1100 that’s not been counted… because until it is worked into our numbers, it’s not official. But between you and I…

To get to 100% for six months, we need $12,500.
To get to the 80% we need to leave for training, we need $7,500.
If we do get to the 80% and go to training, we’ll still need to raise $5,000 while we’re at training.

Now that might seem like a lot, but considering that our awesome friends, family and supporters have taken us a very long way towards our goal in just under four months!?! is kind of amazing when you think about it. Anyway, I just thought I’d share. It might seem like we’ve been really down about our support raising and like we’re CRAZY far behind. We are behind, but we’re not at 10% anymore either. In fact, we’re closer now than ever. Saying now, “if just 30 people would pledge $30 a month for a year” doesn’t seem so crazy, knowing that those 30 people would finish us off for the six month goal basically. It’s good!

Oh, before I forget. Check this out.  But then come back here and comment here if you’d like.

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