03.25 | Discover The Point Indeed.

It’s 11:28PM on Sunday. I’m SO tied. Tired, I mean. Bob and I woke up this morning at 5AM to go to Toledo to peak at… speak at Pastor Brad’s church, North Point. Have you ever met Pastor Brad and Debbie?


Now you have. I can’t write very much now, but let’s just say that someone once tried to make me stop calling him “Pastor” Brad. It was our boss when we worked together in South Carolina – he thought it sounded stuffy and put pastors on some sort of pedastal  they didn’t deserve. So, though I didn’t like it, I had to and walked around for a short while calling this person I’d known for years as “Pastor Brad” simply “BrAAAAAAAAAd.” We’d laugh and giggle every time I said it, too. hehehe…It would drive that Senior Pastor silly! Well, days like today remind me why I call him “PASTOR” Brad. There are some people, some pastors who simply earn their Pastor-ness. Not just for what grace he extended to us today by having us up, but for who he is to North Point. He IS a good pastor, and he LOVES his people. He always has, too (I remember when he was interviewing with “Harvest” as the church was previously). Good for them, you know!

 Oh – but also, on Monday when I’m less tired and more able to tell smme stories, I want to tell you about some cool people we talked to today. But it’s not good to do that right now. A little less typing a little less sleeping. Wait. A little MORE sleeping. Yeah. That sounds better.


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