03.10 | Baby Got Back!

And spine, and lips, and at least one arm with five fingers that we can see. These are pictures from an ultrasound we had done this past Tuesday at OSU. The most common question we’ve had so far is, “DO YOU KNOW?!” which I assume to mean if we know if it’s a boy or a girl, and not some other variant of the question, but the answer is actually “No, we do not yet know.” We won’t know for another six weeks until we go back to OSU for the next ultrasound. So, until then, we’ll have to just be patient. Actually, I think Bob and I are among the most patient. Cristi has figured out with Chinese Calendering that it’s a girl – it had something to do with my birth month, my birth year, and the month the baby was concieved. Or maybe the month the year of the monkey began. Something like that. Either way it came out a girl. Tammy – my mother in law – is hoping for a boy. I think that my family might just be hoping for something human.

This week, I bought my first pair of maternity pants from Old Navy. That was fun. (the period at the ends denotes sarcasm; an exclamation point would have meant it was actually fun). Old Navy sells a few styles of maternity pants. Of course, I’ve never bought or worn these before, so after Bob and I choose few pair of the kind that go just barely over my tummy, sized small, medium, large and extra large (who knows!?), I head to the dressing room and Bob goes to ??? whereever men go.

Remember now that I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past year, and I know that I’m going to gain approx. 25-30 pounds over the course of my pregnancy, so I first try on the mediums thinking that “MAYBE” they might fit. They’re baggy. But I wonder – are they SUPPOSED to be baggy to allow to for all the weight gain? I don’t know. So I go to the dressing room attendant and ask! Makes sense, right? I’m in luck! I get the only dressing room attendant who hasn’t given birth, and whose sisters who have all live out of state! (Basically, she’s me). She says, “I’m SOOO sorry, but I really don’t know. Let me call up front to get someone who does.” So I’m thinking, “Ok Cool.” So she buzzes on her headset and calls someone back while I go to change into a small, thinking that maybe it will just “make sense” somehow once I have them on. When I come out of the dressing room, she has called someone from the front to answer all of my maternity clothing needs: A man.

Not only a man, but a man who hasn’t a clue. He’s an Old Navy Man. He only tells me what the Old Navy Website can tell me. “These jeans should fit just above your tummy; we have three styles and these jeans should…blah blah blah.” At this point, I’m thinking that I’m not going to purchasing any jeans today because noone who works at this store can actually tell me how these are supposed to fit. The size small jeans I have on at that point actually fit like my regular jeans would, and the panel at the top is sort of snug, and I could see how as my tummy expanded, it would expand with it. BUT, I still don’t know for sure.

And then, the heavens parted and the man’s voice started to be drowned out by incoming chorus of “Hallelujah” as a woman who appeared to be in her early 40’s walked into the dressing area pushing a stoller and holding the hand of a child appearing to be about 8 years old. The Old Navy Man seemed to know he’d been beat as I turned to that woman and simply asked, “Excuse me, do YOU know? Is this how these are supposed to fit?” And she said, “OH yes, those are just right. I’ve had four kids and one of those has had two – I’ve done this many times. The jean itself should fit just like your normal jeans, and the tummy panel should be snug. Those look great. The next size up would be too big.” I said thank you and returned to the dressing room to get dressed.

In other Old Navy news, most of their spring line – maternity or otherwise, I think would work for maternity clothing. I think that’s great for me; kind of sad for regular women wearing their clothes! (Not that I’m running out and buying clothes left and right! I’m just saying…)


5 thoughts on “03.10 | Baby Got Back!

  1. Oh how happy Grandma Mo is!!!! I just love pics of my grandbaby!!! I cracked up laughing at your shopping expedition. I remember trying to figure out the same thing the first time. Don’t forget….I have a cell phone now, and anytime you have a question like that…just call me.

  2. Ok, from someone who has BTDT (albeit nearly 4 years ago), I would offer this advice: go with what is comfortable and fits best. If small feels right, go with that. If small starts to feel snug, move on to medium. Just pay attention to your body. If you start to feel restricted in your clothes, move on to another size.

    I really empathize with you because when I was pregnant, I had just lost 26 lbs. on Weight Watchers and was enjoying smaller clothes (pre-PG). I actually have maternity clothes in nearly every size. So, if you like, I can find the smaller things and send them to you, since I -obviously- can’t be wearing them this time around. 😦

    You may not gain 25-30 pounds. You may gain 15-20. Don’t do what I did and gain 45, because it is SOOOO hard to get off afterwards. But you’re smarter than me, so you know that already.

    Enjoy this as much as you can and please take lots of belly pictures. I actually had some professional photos shot 6 days before Stinker Bell was born. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

    **Belly Rubs**

  3. Well – there you have it folks. The second gal pal blogger who is pregnant at the same time…

    Aimee – WVGurl – just said it in case you didn’t catch there it in the middle of that comment. It’s right by the :-(, and says, “since I obviously can’t be wearing them this time around.”

    After a well documented stretch of trying to get pregnant again, it is finished! Aimee and her husband Paul are pregnant, and come September (it’s a race!), they will have a sibling for Stinker Bell. Congrats to Aimee and if you get a chance, shoot her an email to say so! As you can imagine, she’s very happy! and we’re all praying for a super safe and happy pregnancy for her!

  4. I’m so happy for Aimee!! Fantastic news.

    Given your post about the Chinese calendar, you’ll both be happy to know that it’s the year of the Golden Pig. It only happens once every 600 years so all my Asian friends at work have been talking about how this is the year to get pregnant or move or do something big. It’s supposed to be very lucky.

    Not that we believe in all the superstition, but it’s fun to hear about it (for me anyway). For you? Well, I bet Robert can make up some great baby nicknames now!

  5. Yay Aimee!!!! I’m so happy for you! What a blessing! And Angie, you did good at keeping her secret. It was driving me crazy!

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