02.04 | Ohio Sucks REVISED.

The cold is seriously driving me mad. 

Today at Noon, Actual Temperature: 8 degrees; Feels like -10.
Monday’s High: 9 degrees     Monday’s Low: – 1
Tuesday’s High: 9 degrees    Tuesday’s Low: -3

NEXT TUESDAY! 45 DEGREES! What will we do with 45 degrees!? Wear shorts I guess.

It is SO freaking cold.


9 thoughts on “02.04 | Ohio Sucks REVISED.

  1. It’s cold in the south, too. It’s 24 degrees in Goldsboro, NC. So cold, we have to put our coats on. There’s a thin layer of ice on our pond. But, at least we don’t have snow like upstate New York. 70″ plus more to come this weekend. Holy Moly!

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