01.16 | The Price Is Right!

And so it begins – this week Bob and I start selling off our things in an effort to pare down our belongings before we leave for Iraq. Did I mention that training in California starts Mar. 9? And if we have 80% of our funding we can go!? Yup. Anyway, last night, we sold the first item: 159332433669_3300.jpgthis area rug that used to sit between the couches in the living room. I sold it on Craig’s List to a what I assume was a nice lady. I was so sick last night that Bob had to complete the deal himself when she came to pick it up. I could sort of hear it though – she just walked in, looked at it, dropped some cash, and walked159432324229_3300.jpg out. Brandi said that her husband said, “It’s even cooler than we thought.” Awesome.

Then, I had this dresser up on Craig’s List and Ebay, and while there was interest for in on Craig’s List, it finally sold on Ebay this afternoon, so the man will be coming to get it Wednesday night before home group. Yeah! I have two nightstands up on Craig’s List and have had people ask about them, but I don’t know if they’ll actually sell. Now if we could only sell everything else we own! Even the stuff that noone would want?! We’ll be closer to being ready to go to Iraq!

[I should say that we’re not selling EVERYTHING we own. Just the stuff we don’t want to store while we’re gone.]


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