01.16 | I have to do this quickly or else…

he might wake up and get mad. And I should be in bed anyway. And if he does wake up, he’ll tell me to get back in bed. I just wanted to tell all you Kansas readers how great Bob is. I’m going on Day Five of the Sickness Beyond Measure. Bob’s been listening to me hack and snot and blow away with mounds of tissue and toilet paper everywhere, and trust me, I’m no beauty queen these five days (I mean, I’m not a dragon, either, but you know…). And since we’re in the house with no car – this is it. He just is here stuck with this – which means that I’m just praying that HE doesn’t get sick, too! Everytime I hear him sneeze or cough, I say, “ARE YOU GETTING SICK!?” and he says, “No.” And when I’m awake he says, “DRINK SOMETHING! EAT SOMETHING! GO BACK TO BED! GET SOME SLEEP! GO COUGH THAT UP! (ick).” Then he says, “You look awful. I mean, not AWFUL, but yeah, you need to go back to bed.” Gives me a hug and shoves me back to bed. And last night, he even went to the store to ask the pharmacist what OTC medicines I could have that wouldn’t interact with all of my medicinces and medical conditions (Thanks Brandi, too). And I think, that he even lets me hog the covers at night because I’m really cold, and let’s me wake him up with my hacking cough. And…my cell phone rang twice this morning with alarms (maybe he didn’t hear those though, so maybe they didn’t wake him up?).

All I’m saying is. What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Oh, and he went to get me an extra roll of toilet paper so I could blow my nose. That was nice. And he got me some orange juice. And he came all the way upstairs last night just so I could tell him something. That was nice, too. (But then, he brought me my cell phone so I could CALL instead of him coming. That was SMART.) 🙂

What a might GOOD man. I’m going back to bed now before he finds me awake.

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