01.14 | I have a very bad cold.



7 thoughts on “01.14 | I have a very bad cold.

  1. Awww, poor you. Hate to say it but your negative attitude, displayed in the previous post, may have contributed to your illness. Hope you get better, and remember where you’re livin! Go Bucks!

  2. YES! In fact, that’s probably it! I saw on the news last night that the only people in the US who can actually blame the increase in cold/flu cases in their area in their actual area is ARIZONA. (You know how people are always saying that during winter, the cold weather makes it easier to catch a cold or get the flu? And how we ALL know that’s not true? Well, the news was saying how Arizona has a particular bush that helps the flu to spread more easily…).

    SO. Yeah “remember where you’re living.” The way I see it, all those crazy BuckNuts or whatever you call them who went out to Arizona – all 32,000 of them – probably brought back at least 10,000 extra cases of the flu, considering there were probably at least 80,000 people at the game, and they were probably there for at least a week. So, yeah Go Bucks good job bringing back the flu, but not the championship.

    You can see why I’m not fan.

  3. Ah, don’t be mad, you know I’m teasing. Did your doc say it was the flu? Weren’t you at the Kinney house? Sam is sick, and you blame the Buckeyes? Oh well, I guess that is ok. You have to find some real reason to hate them.

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