01.10 | Before God, all of us are poor.

Poverty is necessary when working with the poor. When they complain about the food, we can say, we eat the same. They say, “It was so hot last night, we could not sleep.” We can reply, “We also felt very hot.” The poor have to wash for themselves, go barefoot; we do the same. We have to go down and lift them up. It opens the heart of the poor when we can say we live the same way they do. Sometimes they only have one bucket of water. It is the same with us. The poor have to stand in line; we do too. Food, clothing, everything must be like that of the poor. We have no fasting. Our fasting is to eat the food as we get it. (Mother Teresa)

John 15:13 There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
Oh – I have thoughts about how Mother Teresa’s thoughts relate to this verse, and to our trip to Iraq, but I can’t seem to get them all written out right now. Sorry!


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