02.01 | America’s Gourmet Burgers will never be the same.

rrlogo.jpgThirty second greets. One minute resets. Lemon wedges at 3 o’clock. Oh the life of a server. Oh the life of me starting this Wednesday! Yup. After months and months of looking, I finally got a job and start orientation this week. The local chain restaurant has agreed to take me on. Freaks, I know…but they were looking for day servers, and I was looking for a day position! And, it’s on the bus route so I COULD take the bus if I needed to (we are praying for someone to give us full time use of a car for the next few months until we go, though Bob’s family has been loaning us theirs, there’s is the high probability we’ll have to give it back soon). If we can work transportation right, and if (prayers crossed) Bob finds a job with the right hours so that he can take me, I can work as many as 40 hours (some nights included). As it is, I’ll just work lunches at about 25 hours. That should still be okay, but 40 would be much better, obviously.

Good news, eh!?

 [UPDATE JAN. 14: This job didn’t pan out. Please continue to pray for us as we both REALLY need full time jobs in the time that we have remaining here in the US.]


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